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At Husky Services we go the extra mile for you, making sure we offer a wide array of services and producing results.  You may view our multitude of services listed under the above “SERVICES” tab.

Ants, bees, wasps, beetles... they live and breed on the outside of your home. It makes sense to treat them there. Targeting pests on the outside of your home is not only more effective, it is healthier for your family. The path begins with Husky Services Comprehensive Annual Protection (CAP).

How Does It Work?

We'll target pests where they live and breed...outside...before they enter your home. Twice annually, during the warmer months, you will receive a postcard letting you know when your scheduled service is. Our technician will treat the entire exterior perimeter of your house with high quality materials designed to target pest activity where it originates. We’ll also check for stinging insect activity in lawn and patio furniture and children's swing sets.

Why Exterior Treatments?

Almost all pests live on the outside of your home. Usually you can’t see them but they're there... in the mulch, underneath dead leaves, and in shrub beds. They come inside when they are looking for food or shelter. By targeting the treatment for pests on the outside of your home before they come inside, we can provide a more effective treatment.

What About Things That Can't Be Controlled From Exterior Treatments?

Not everything can be controlled from the outside. Some pests, such as mice and stored product pests, require that we come inside. If there's something in your house don't worry... you're covered. We'll treat the inside of your house when you want us to and as often as needed at no additional cost.

Relax, You're Covered

You will receive year-round protection against pests and unlimited service calls at no additional cost. Relax, you're covered and we want you to be happy. The path to a pest-free home truly begins with Aardvark. Let us show you how.

As your pest control professionals, we know that bees, wasps, hornets, ants, beetles, millipedes, and fleas have one thing in common: They breed on the outside of your home and they breed when the weather is warm. Husky Services Comprehensive Annual Protection Offers:

Unlimited Service Calls

Convenient Total Control From The Outside of Your Home

Great benefits to you and your family by reducing the amount of pesticides on the inside

of your home.