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Termite Control

Termites and Wood Destroying Organisms attack any structure, new or old, in any part of town.

Termites eat and destroy wood based products including valuable papers and books.

A professional termite inspection and report every 2 to 3 years is your most important protection in finding and then eliminating these costly insects.

Husky Services's WDO Inspection experts thoroughly examine the structure and identify wood destroying pests and organisms and determine the source of infestations, making any necessary recommendations for repair.

Customized treatments and prevention recommendations are outlined for the most effective solutions for your structure.

Our WDO Technicians are specialists in making structural damage repairs caused by wood destroying organisms.

Our staff Entomologists are integral in the development of the newest in industry procedures and standards used in today's most effective pest control measures and only endorse methods proven to eliminate infestations.

A Thorough Termite Inspection is your First Line of Defence!